MIG/TIG Torches

MIG/TIG torches in air and liquid-cooled variants is the finest solution of its kind. It combines progressive technology and quality with optimum ergonomics, enabling trouble-free operation for every application. All torches are thoroughly designed to provide comfortable and precise operation.

MIG & TIG welding torches for light, medium & heavy duty applications Spare parts & repair service Air & “Super cool” water cooled devices All MIG torches with Euro connections User friendly, robust, high duty cycles 150-550 amp. 3 and 4 meters.

Spare Parts

MIG: Nozzles, insulators, contact tips, gas diffusers, liners for soft, hard & cored wires for Murex, ESAB, Tweco & Binzel
TIG: Ceramic nozzles, collet body assembles, collets, gas lenses ceramic nozzles, short, medium & long back caps. Murex, ESAB, MK2A, WP9/17/18/26 etc.

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