Solaris InfraSupport Corporation, we strive to achieve Fast, Safe and Reliable Shipping of products to the customer. To achieve this, we do Product Inspections, Ensure Quality Packaging. Once customer buys a product online, he wants to track the status of his order from time to time. To address this issue, we provide updated status of shipment at each stage from Placing of order, From dispatch to delivery. You can also track your orders through

Please NOTE

  1. Product will be dispatched within 4-5 Days after placing order.
  2. Delivery Time mentioned on the website is estimated. Actual delivery time is based on the availability of the product, the address where product is to be delivered and the courier company’s Rules.
  3. Provide a quality of service which is above our competitors.
  4. The expected date and time of delivery will be communicated to you before the dispatch of your order.