A hybrid solar system combines the best from the grid-tied solar system and the off-grid system: it can interact with the utility grid and also store energy in a battery bank.
In an on-grid solar system, the system shuts down during a power outage for the safety of any linesman making repairs to the power lines nearby. However, a hybrid system can safely disconnect from the grid and provide electricity even during a power outage.
This feature makes the hybrid system a more economical and environment-friendly alternative to an on-grid solar system with a backup diesel generator.
In principle, the hybrid system works similar to an off-grid system. However, after charging the batteries and meeting the load requirements, the hybrid system is capable of exporting the excess solar generation to the grid.
Moreover, any shortfall in solar generation is compensated by importing electricity from the utility grid, e.g. for charging the batteries or powering the load.
The net energy is measured by a bi-directional meter based on the energy imported and exported between the system and the grid.

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